Appointment Booking Software

Online Appointment Booking Software

Appointment Booking Software is surely a privileged interface for booking any sort of appointment online. It’s powerful, high performing, flawless and most importantly a huge time saver as appointment bookings are made in no time. The software helps you discover the easiest way to schedule appointments. Who doesn’t want to take the benefit of fast appointment booking services to fix them as per their convenience? Find where your customers and reach them to offer wonderful solutions to their requirements.

Infia Scheduler is a popular name for online appointment booking software in different industries. Its product allows the customers to set flexible business hour setting to have a control over appointment scheduling. Set work time at the staff level, get flexible time-slot interval, back-to- back service booking, and, recurring booking as incredible features in the software. 

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  • Appointment Scheduler let let you add your employees
  • They can manage their schedule
  • Each staff can see their booking
  • Customer can choose services and staffs of their choice